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Fashion trends – Spring 2014

The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, everyone is putting their winter jackets in their basements; because it’s SPRING!

Since a new season has begun, we have to follow these upcoming trends in the name of fashion;

1. Pastel colours: nothing can compare with a pastel-coloured dress at a spring day. It’s very cute!


2. Jackets: Since it became too hot for your winter jacket, you can wear more breezy jackets. Comfort for you, fashion for you.


3. Contrast-Collar Button-downs: From origin menswear, but men can’t wear dresses and woman can wear the pants. So that’s why we should wear this! The collar are contrasting the buttons, which it makes it very cool to wear.


4. Wide-leg trousers: They are back! not only black but in all colours. It’s very easy and comfortable to wear it. You can stop searching for that other skinny jeans, wide-leg trousers it is 😉


5. Bomber jacks: Classy, chic, sporty, though, in all sorts. I think it’s fabulous to style a colourful bomber jack with a basic shirt.


6. Tea-length skirts: That means between midi and maxi to be specific. A great excuse to not shave your legs and be spring-proof. And not to forget, a great look to have tea-time with your friends.


7. Sweater-dressing: We can’t miss this on the chilly days, we should all have that favourite sweater we can fall back to. Even it is spring, it still can be cold.


8. Tuxedo-Meets-Athletic-Striped Trousers: It can be classy and sporty at the same time and it’s just one pair of trousers. How great!

9. The shift-blouse: A bigger shirt, since it’s not summer yet. We still have a few months to go to work on our bikini-body.

10. Collarless coats: Very classy, for the office or for a date. I really like this trend, I think I’m going to buy this as soon as I find the perfect one.



Enjoy spring 2014, love!


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