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My love for high heels

I was 14 and was sitting in 3th grade when I bought my first pair of heels. At that moment I was really into sneakers, like All stars, Nike and Vans. But I saw other girls at my school wearing heels, I saw it in soaps and in all the magazines. That was the moment that heels really caught my eye. I had a friend that was even more girlish than me, like doing a full face make-up and never knew what to wear even though she had a big closet full of clothes, way more than I had. One day we went to the city and walked in the Zara . We saw a pair of little black wedges. It had a bow at the front and we we’re totally in love with it. It was just 8 inch so it was a good beginning for me to learn how to walk on heels. When I tried it on, I felt so feminine and long. (I’m very little, 1.59 inch) Besides that, heels also make you look skinnier, what every girl likes! So I bought the wedges with my friend. At the beginning I was very scared to walk in it. I really don’t want to know how it looked like when I was wearing it for the first time at school… But I perceived that when I walked more in it, I got better in it. It was just a matter of practice. My love for heels begun to grow. So I decided to buy more wedges in that year.

When I sat in 4th grade, I could walk pretty good in wedges. I wanted to try something different. A next level. That were platforms. I decided to buy my first pair at Shoeline. I was so stupid that I bought it because the platforms we’re waaaaay too high for me at that time haha. I was apparently not ready for that-kind-of-high-platforms-level. It led to many many falldowns.. (ouchhh.. I’ve really been mean to my feets.) I decided to let my platforms rest in my shoe closet untill I was ready for it. So I practiced with other heels, another heels and another pair of heels. Until I was able to walk on my high platforms. I still have them here in my room, they are a little damaged because I’ve wore them a lot at high school. But I’ll never throw them away because he was my first love.


For the ladies that don’t wear high heels because they can’t walk on them; keep on practicing. You have learned to walk, so you also can learn to walk in high heels. Don’t be afraid to fall, because I’ve fallen way too many times. It had been a looong journey for me when I was able to walk on it. You can practice it first at home. The stairs are a challenge.  But don’t forget that you should wear them outside so everyone can see how pretty they are!


”I don’t know who invented high heels, but all woman owe him a lot.” – Marilyn Monroe.



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