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Herôme extra strong nail hardener review


I’m not blessed with strong and long nails. I wish I had. But if you don’t have it… fake it untill you make it!

Herôme extra strong nail hardener can fix that for you without faking it. It makes your nails harder after 14 days. I’ve done this cure one year ago so I know that it works. Many people asked me if I had fake nails, but it was because of the hardener it was so long 🙂 My nails have became weaker so it was time again to use the hardener again.

After 14 days you shall see that your nails are harder and because it’s harder it’s harder to break your nails. That gives them the possibilty to grow stronger. It works more efficient if you put some hand cream on your hands and push back your cuticles. By pushing back, lets your nail grow even faster.




The instructions. It’s important to test yourself because this hardener consists of strong chemicals. Also a tip: NEVER use the hardener for the cuticles because I’ve done it in the past, I thought it was good for my cuticles but I was wrong. It burned soooo much, I could almost cry. I thought that it supposed to be like that but by reading reviews showed that the hardener isn’t supposed to be used on the cuticles. I immediately removed the hardener off my nails with nailpolish remover. That was a very bad experience that I don’t want you guys to experience it yourself.


The ingredients that have been used to make this hardener. It’s important to check it for yourself if you’re not allergic to any ingredient before using the hardener.

After having artificial nails you should let your nails rest. Your own nails don’t breath when you have artificial nails. So it’s very important to let them recover before you start the cure with an hardener.

Do not cross over the 14-days cure limit and the half-year/year-limit. The hardener could work inverted than.


Other instructions. The first day you apply one layer, the second day the second layer and on the thirth day you remove both layers and apply one layer. You go on with this cure untill you’ve reached the 14th day.

I’ve been on the 10th day, so I’m almost done with the cure. I’ve realized that my nails has gotten stronger and longer. I shall show you the results when I’m finished with the cure!

Have you ever used Herôme extra strong nail hardener? Or other hardeners? Was the result visible on your nails?



3 thoughts on “Herôme extra strong nail hardener review

  1. Hi, I have just taken off my acrylic nails. How long do you recommend I wait before applying the nail hardener?

  2. Hi Sharon,
    Your nails are very weak after the acrylic nails. I would recommend you to wait at least 3 weeks or longer (depending on the recovery of your nails) before applying the nail hardener.

  3. My nails are SOO hard it’s almost obscene! No one least of all me can believe it. I remember Herome back in the 60’s and totally forgot about it till a friend told me it was still around. IT’S ASTOUNDING!

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