Back to blogging

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while now. I haven’t posted anything since almost two years ago. I was very busy with school and getting my degrees. I missed blogging a lot.
Last time I checked on my blog and saw that the statistics of the views were surprising.
I didn’t thought that anyone would read my blog.
Thankyou all for reading, I feel very honoured.
This got me motivation to start with blogging again. But there’s also another motivation that got me started.

I study Trade Mangement focused on Asia at the Rotterdam Business School. At the third year for this study every student has to go to Asia for ten months. For this study you have to choose one foreign language. You can chose between the languages Japanese, Bahasa Indonesia, Hindi, Vietnamese and Mandarin.
I’ve chosen Mandarin and I’m happy to announce that I will go to Shanghai in february 2016! First I will have to study on a university in Shanghai for four months and then I will have to do an internship.
I still haven’t found a internship yet but I will search further in Shanghai when I get there. This is actually my other motivation to start blogging again. I want to share my stories when I am abroad.

Please stay tuned, I will blog about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and traveling!
I will share a minimum of 2 posts a week. I will try to post more if I am able to.

Bye guys! x


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