One day in London

The Big Ben, the London Eye, english breakfast, oxfort street, the giant lush store.
These are the reasons why I love London.
My friend surprised me with a trip to London by buying two bus tickets for us for my birthday.
I had no clue what she was planning to because she only told me that I should keep the weekend of 23 october free.
When she told me that we would go to London, I couldn’t believe it!

On friday 23 october at night we stepped in the bus. It was quite a long ride because we made stops in five cities to pick up the other passangers. When all passangers were sitting in the bus, the bus drove to Calais in France.
But then the bus stopped.. People in customes were knocking and slamming at the bus and they actually went inside..
I was so scared because I was sleeping untill I heard them.


It was all a prank! We knew it beforehand because the theme was ”Halloween” of the bus trip. They did a great job!

When we arrived in Calais we took the ferry to the United Kingdom. The ferry looked like a building, instead of a boat. My friend actually asked one of the passengers ”When do we get called to step in the ferry?” The passenger answered by ”We’re already in the ferry..”


The ferry has a lot of facilities, there were restaurants, a starbucks counter, lounges, and bars.
When we arrived at the United Kingdom, we went back to the bus (which was on the ferry).

Saturday 24 october in the morning we finally arrived in London! It was 09.30 local time when we arrived. The organisation told us that we had the whole day to explore the city and that we would go back to the bus on 22.00 local time.


I really like the red busses and the telephone boxes!


The bus organisation told us that it was possible to buy a subway day pass but me and my friend decided to explore the city by walking. We already were sitting in the bus for more than 12 hours anyways.



Walking on the bridge.


London Eye and the Big ben! The Big ben was so much smaller than I expected. We were like ”Is that the Big Ben? How could it be, it seems so small!”


It was quite cold in London, especially at the bridge.




This board highlights all the must seen places in London.


Cute little markets!


Close up from the Big Ben.




London you’ve been amazing! The sightseeings are great but unfortunately it’s very expensive to go shopping there, the pond is very high compared to the euro. In addition, you must pay transaction costs. So we didn’t went shopping.
One day was enough to see the highlights of the city but it was definitely not enough to see it all.
I’m sure to go back to see more!


3 thoughts on “One day in London

  1. Nice trip and pictures! I’ve always wanted to go to London but I was hesitating if one day was enough.. but I think after reading your post that you have definitely seen the highlights of Londen!

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