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Discount everywhere!

The holidays are right around the corner, which means we have to look fabulous this year for Christmas and New Year’s Eve! And not to forget, to buy all your loved ones a lovely present.
Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday are already over, several webshops still offers a lot of discount.

The webshops which I’m talking about are:

1. has turned their website in a Christmas Calendar. From the 1st of December till the 24st of December, every day Nelly offers a daily deal.

nelly advent calendar
22 days before Christmas..


Today, the 2th of December you can buy heels for only $22,95!
I’m wondering what the daily deal is of tomorrow..



There’s 30% discount on the dresses, shoes and accessoires on
Everything you need to look good under the christmas tree!



Urban Outfitters also offers discount.
The more you buy, the more you get!



A looot of discount on the website of Forever21!

Forever21 also has their weekly deals at 21% off and their last chance deals up to 70% off. Worth checking out!



Not only does your outfit has to be on point, make-up, fragrances and skincare are also essential for the holidays.
It’s also fun to give as a present to others.

I can’t wait when it’s Christmas, when it’s snowing and I’m surrounded by my family and friends. 🙂

I hope you guys liked this post!

Much lovee x




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