OOTD: Bohemian look

By creating a bohemian look (also known as ‘boho-chic’) you combine the casual hippie look with chic details. You can think of a nice vintage (maximum) dress or long skirt with a typical 60’s print, combined with a pair of chic boots. Other features of the hippie era are brightly colored items, floral prints and wide sleeves.

I’ve combined a burgundy dress with ankle boots in my outfit of the day.


I like the wide sleeves and the flower pattern of this dress.

Bohemian outfits reminds me of summer. Many people wear boho-chic outfits to summer festivals. Ughh take me back to summer!


I took the photos at the new central station of Arnhem, the Netherlands. They’ve been working on the central station for 20 years!
I’m glad that it has finished finally.


Bershka dress / Wolford panty / Bershka ankle boots

Loves, Felicia


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