MAC Prep + Prime


It’s getting colder these days and my lips are having a very hard time right now. I keep using Vaseline all the time but it doesn’t help.
I have a love for matte lipsticks which makes it even worse. Especially the Retro Matte lipsticks of MAC 😥
I tried several other products but neither of them worked out.

.. But then I discovered the Prep + Prime of MAC Cosmetics!


This lip base should be used as a primer for the lips. First you apply the lip base and then the lipstick and lip liner. The Prep + Prime ensures that your lipstick and lip liner will stay better on your lips during the day.



The Prep + Prime is transparent and has the form of a lip liner.

The lip base has the perfect texture that would keep your lips soft and would make your lipstick last good for many hours without touch-ups.


What I like about the lip primer is that you can’t see you have anything on your lips. When I use Vasline or lip balm I get a shiny finish on my lips which I don’t like. After using the lip primer that won’t be a problem anymore.

I really love the Prep + Prime. My lips are feeling soft again and I can wear my matte lipsticks without abusing my lips. This is a product I would recommend everybody that needs a lips S.O.S. for this winter!

Loves, Felicia


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