Fjord Eat & Drink


During a trip to Norway, the purity and the fish-rich waters of the Norwegian Fjords made a deep impression to the owner of the restaurant. This combined with the original idea to open a restaurant that serves pure seafood, named Fjord Eat and Drink.

Fjord Eat & Drink stands for fairtrade and good food at an affordable price. It’s located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands at Blaak.

I’ve heard many good stories about Fjord Eat & Drink and since I’m a seafood lover I had to try it out!

I ordered the coquilles as my first course.
It looked really delicious!



They’ve used lobster sauce and chives which made it a flavour explosion.
The coquilles were soft but not too soft. They were of excellent quality.
Best coquilles I ever had.


I tasted a little bit of the musterd soup. The taste was bitter but very mild at the same time. They’ve used turkey breast which made the soup mild.
I normally don’t like musterd but this one was a great appetizer.

Then I ordered the sole as my main dish.


The sole was very delicious. It’s my favourite kind of fish btw ;). I don’t use citrus normally but it gave the sole a great taste.
They did a great job!

We also ordered some side dishes.


The fries tasted very good.


The seasonal vegetables were good.


I tasted a little bit of the Wagyu Burger and I really recommend this to any burger lover. The meat was cooked medium rare.
With the cheese on top of it, it tasted like a great burger.


I really like the ambiance of the restaurant.
It’s not a big restaurant which makes it cozy.
They also have another floor upstairs.


You can see the chef masters cooking at their open kitchen.


I’ve had a great dining experience at Fjord Eat & Drink.
The food and service was really great.
Their speciality is seafood but there’s also meat on their menu.
I saw that the table behind us ordered plateau fruits de mer and it looked really great. I shall definitely come back again to try that out!

Loves, Felicia


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