Etos Fixing Spray


Fixing sprays (also known as setting sprays) promises to make your makeup last all day and night.
I’ve always wanted to try one. I had my eye on the Makeup Setting Spray All Nighter of Urban Decay but I thought it was a bit expensive, it costs €25,80 in Dutch perfumeries. I’ve read about the reviews online and people say that the Setting Spray of Urban Decay works really well, actually too well. It’s partyproof, it can survive storms and tornados.
But there’s a downside to that, because removing makeup at the end of the day would be a torture. I also read that the setting spray has a glossy finish, but I prefer a matte finish.

I wanted to buy a budget fixing spray and use it on a daily basis. So I found one from the drugstore, the Makeup fixing spray of Etos which only costs €4,99!

Etos is a Dutch drugstore. They sell brands as Essie, L’oreal Paris and Sally Hansen. They also have their own brand. This setting spray is from their own line.


The package looks cute with the different letter types, absolutely not cheap.

But how does it work?
First you have to apply your makeup and later on spray the fixing spray on top of your makeup. 3-4 sprays are just enough.



The fixing spray promises to give you a natural finish and longlasting effect to your make-up. It definitely keeps his promise!
My makeup really last all day and night.

I recommend you to buy this setting spray if you want:
– a budget fixing spray
– use it on a daily basis
– a natural/matte finish
– to remove your makeup easily at the end of the day

You should skip this setting spray if you want:
– it to survive storms and tornados
– prefer high-end brands

Merry Christmas all ❤
I will post an article how I spent my Christmas and what my New Year’s resolutions are next monday :)!

Loves, Felicia




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