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Christmas 2015 & New Year Resolutions


Sorry that this post came a little too late than promised 😦 I was very busy this holiday and hadn’t got the time to write this post. Forgive me!

Happy new year all, may 2016 be a great year with lots of love, luck and happiness! Hope you all had a great New Year Eve and have been carefull with firework 😛

So I celebrated Christmas three times. Once with friends, once with my family from my mothers’ side and once with my family from my fathers’ side. And we had a lot of fooood.

I celebrated it with my friends on the 17th of December, we celebrated it a little bit earlier because we thought it would be easier this way. Everyone had their own plans for the 25th and the 26th and it was our last day of school.

We decided to use an electric raclette grill for the vegetables, meat and shrimps. We made some fries, salads, onion rings and turkish bread as our side dishes.


We ate in my kitchen because I was the only one who has a balcony near the kitchen. This was very ideal because the smell of all the food would disappear quickly.


It was really fun and delicious. Afterwards we had some presents for each other.

We all bought little presents for 10 euros and put it on the table.
Then we played a game. We sat in a circle and played it with a dice.

The following pictures will show you the rules of the game.


1st round:

1 dot ) Grab a gift but do not unwrap it
2 dots ) Move all the gifts to your left side
3 dots ) Grab a gift and unwrap it
4 dots ) Move all the gifts to your right side
5 dots ) Unwrap a gift if you have one
6 dots) Grab a gift but do not unwrap it

When there are no gifts left on the table, everyone can unwrap it and then the 2nd round begins! We set the timer on 20 minutes to finish the 2nd round.


2nd round:

1 dot ) Give someone a gift
2 dots ) Everyone has to give 1 gift to his neighbour on the right side
3 dots ) Exchange all of your gifts with someone
4 dots ) Exchange with someone 1 gift
5 dots ) Steal 1 gift of someone
6 dots) Move 1 chair aside to the left

It was really fun to play this game! The last 4 minutes were very chaostic, haha. At the end everyone was happy with their own presents. I ended up with two mugs, two nail polishes, a face mask and a hand warmer.

On the 25th of December, the 1st day of Christmas we went to my grandmother and grandfathers’ house. I haven’t seen them for years because I always had to work on holidays and they don’t live near us. My aunts and cousins also came.


My aunts and my grandmother and grandfather prepared all the food.

Grandmother was so happy that her children and grandchildren came along. Even though she isn’t that young anymore, she has a lot of energy.
We also took a walk around the neighbour, she can walk so fast haha.
My grandfather is the quiet one.
It’s so funny to see people who have such different characteristics, can love each other for a lifetime.


We played a few games, this is Chinese checkers.


Playing cards with my cousins.

On the 26th of December, the 2nd of Christmas we went to our uncle and aunt’s house from my fathers’ side.

Me with my sister.


They prepared a lot of seafood.



The oysters were very good. My uncle got them fresh from the market.


St. Jacob Shells, my favourites!


I had a wonderful Christmas with great company and great food! I really missed my family. It’s always great to see them again!

New Year Resolutions
2016 will be the year I’m going on exchange to Shanghai for ten months.
This is something I’ve been looking forward for three years, since I started studying. I will start living and studying at Donghua University at the end of february 2016. I really want to improve my mandarin and get good grades.

I hope to get an internship at the fashion sector.
This is what I’m dreaming for. I really love fashion since I was a young child and having my internship in this sector would be a dream come true.

I want to keep up with my blog. I want to write a new post every monday, wednesday and friday. I know I might skip some of these days, but I’m really trying. Please forgive me guys, I’m trying to do better. I really want to thank you all. Every like, every comment and every follower motivates me to write new posts. Without you, I couldn’t do it.

So how has your Christmas and NYE been? Do you have any New Year resolutions?


Loves, Felicia







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