District A | Vietnam Streetfood


A friend of me told that me that there was a new Vietnamese streetfood bar in town. We decided to go to eat there with a group. We were all very exciting because it was something new and we all like Vietnamese food.

The Vietnamese streetfood bar is located in the centre of Rotterdam.

Aert van Nesstraat 22
3012 CA Rotterdam

Tel. 010 7372005



Luckily a friend already knew the way to the streetfood bar so we didn’t had to search for it.

It was very crowded when we arrived at the streetfood bar. We were afraid that there wouldn’t be enough seats for us but gladly people could moved over so the five of us could all sit together.





Time to order some food!




You can order starters, steamed buns, baguettes, a monthly special, spring rolls, salads and  Pho.

Mhmm.. There were more small dishes than main dishes on the menu. I know that this is only a streetfood bar and not a restaurant but they could’ve added more dishes in my opinion.


These are the Buns. We ordered chicken, beef and pork served with cucumber, carrots, coriander and a little bit of spring inion. It tasted very good, the meat was sliced very thin.


Ahh spring rolls! I love these ones, they’re so healthy. I can make them at home but I really felt trying them out here. We ordered chicken, shrimp and beef.
It tasted good but where my Hoisin sauce at? Despite of that I couldn’t get enough of them, haha. It’s a little bit expensive if you eat these outdoors. Ah, I should make them at home again!

IMG_7578.JPGI ordered the Pho Bo, it’s rice noodles served with black angus beef, brisket, coriander, mint, lime, red pepper and bean sprouts.

The Pho didn’t tasted very well. It was okay but I’ve eaten many Pho’s at several restaurants before. This one wasn’t that delicious. They use a lot of bean sprouts, I had more bean sprouts in my Pho than rice noodles.


Me and my friend were all very dissapointed. They’ve also had better Vietnamese food before. Than my friend decided to look on the menu for desserts but she couldn’t find them. When she asked if she could look up on the dessert menu the waitress answered that they were still working on the desserts. Another minus..

When my other friend asked if they had a soda drink with sugar and mint, the waitress also told him that they don’t have that.


But then the waitress brought this customized drink to my friend. It was from the house! We were all like ‘HUH? Let’s also order our customized drinks’ and we were laughing very hard.

When I look back at these pictures the food looks pretty good but don’t let it deceive you. I wouldn’t go back to this streetfood bar to be honest. The streetfood bar is a bit cheaper than the restaurants but the Pho at Vietnamese restaurants are waaay better than this one, believe me. I’ve been to Vivu, Little V, Deli Tasty and Pho Noodle Bar in Rotterdam. These are all the right places to go to eat Vietnamese food.

Loves, Felicia




3 thoughts on “District A | Vietnam Streetfood

  1. These foods look pretty good, but the combination isn’t that Viet at all. The spring rolls I know my whole life have never been served with that sweet chillisauce as the one you posted. The original sauce is nước mắm (the home made fishssauce) and indeed hoisin sauce is also very common. And about the Bánh mì (bread) I really don’t know what they have done with the viet baguettes …
    I was about to check District A, but after few friends visited it, I don’t want to waste money there. Because I know for sure I that my friend are earlier satisfied than I am when it is vietfood because I am more picky than they are. They also wrote it is not phõ but Phở

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