Rituals True Happiness gift set


Rituals has a variations of  gift sets in their collections. Today I’m reviewing the True Happiness gift set from the collection ‘Laughing Buddha’. The ingredients Sweet Orange and Cedar Wood are the prevailing scents in this gift set.

”The Laughing Buddha was a famous monk in ancient China 1100 years ago, with his legendary smile wherever he went was happiness. Rubbing Buddha’s belly has long been a symbol of luck and prosperity. Inspired by this Chinese tradition the Laughing Buddha collection gives you a moment of happiness in your daily life.

– Rituals”

The True Happiness gift set contains:

  • 75ml Fortune Oil
  • 50ml Happy Buddha
  • 70ml Fortune Scrub
  • 70ml Touch of Happiness

The Rituals True Happiness set is available in Rituals shops for €19,50.


Look how pretty it is packaged! The ribbon is so cute.


Fortune Oil

The caring shower oil transforms into silky lather and leaves your skin very soft.
The ingredients Sweet Orange and Cedar Wood provide a wonderfully warm fragrance.
Although the Sweet Orange prevailes the Cedar Wood.

Tip: bring the fortune oil with you when you’re on a summer holiday. The oil nourishes and moisturizes your skin while showering, so you lose less pigment. So you can enjoy your holiday colour even more.


Happy Buddha

I love the unique shower foams from Rituals. After a long day of school and work, it’s the perfect moment to relax with this shower foam.

The benefit of this product is that your skin will be less dried out after using it than using a fluid soap. Fluid soap is more concentrated and harsh for the skin than the shower foam.


Fortune Scrub

It’s a mild cleansing body scrub which transforms into an exfoliating cream with a silky foam. It exfoliates and cleanses the skin gently, whereupon the skin pleasantly feels soft.

It’s ideal to use it as a two-in-one shower product, it exfoliates and cleanses the skin simultaneously. Use it once or twice a week for a healthy, soft skin.


Touch of Happiness

You will recognize the scent of sweet orange and the cedar wood immediately. The scent is strong but it is balanced well. Sweet orange is throughout known to cure dried out skin and brightening it up. Since I have a very dry skin type, this body cream is ideal for me.

It’s a rich, creamy body cream which nourishes and helps strengthen the skin. The unique formula contains antioxidants, vitamin E and the strengthening ingredient Centella Asiatica. As I put the cream on, it’s very light and moisturizing. It absorbs quick and doesn’t leave that sticky feeling afterwards. I do find my skin softer after applying.


I like this gift set very much. For the price €19,50 you’ll have four different products, that’s €4,90 for each product. Okay, it has less content than the full size products. But I think it’s a great price if you want to try different body products. I also like the scents of Sweet Orange and Cedar wood, but that’s very personal. I will use the Happy Buddha shower foam and the Touch of Happiness body cream in my daily routine. The Fortune oil and Fortune scrub will be added to my sunday pamper routine.

Overall a great gift set to give to others or to yourself 🙂

”Enjoy the moment – Rituals”

Loves, Felicia



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